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President George Washington’s birthday is coming up next month (February 22nd). This great historical figure is fondly remembered as the father of American, and with good reason. Because of his major contributions during the Revolutionary War, the American people wanted to make him king. But instead of taking advantage of the situation, Washington made used his popularity and political influence to direct the country to democracy. And the result of this was obvious: he became the first president of the country. So for this reason, you want to take pride when you dress up as the father of our country. If you want to make your President George Washington costume complete, you will need to wear his iconic colonial-style white wig. We have found some good sale bargains on President George Washington wigs for kids and adult men on sale!

Colonial Boy Child Wig

Economy Colonial Wig for Kids

This is an affordable George Washington white wig for boys want to dress up as our founding father.

George Washington Economy Wig

Economy Adult Wig

If you are shopping for a low price colonial style wig with ponytail, we suggest this men’s white wig for your President Washington Costume. This fits most adults or teenage boys.


Kids George Washington Hat with Wig

Colonial Hat with Wig

If you want to add a hat to your child’s colonial costume, you will want this American colonial hat with attached white hair. One size fits most kids.

Heroes in History Washington Disguise Kit

“Heroes in History” George Washington Kit

This instant disguise accessory kit includes a white collar jabot as well as a white colonial style wig. Recommended for kids over age 12 and adults.

Here are some more interesting historical facts about our founding father. Mr. Washington, surprisingly, was not very eager to lead the country at first. After the war, he planned on living in Mount Vernon, Virginia. However, when he felt that the Constitutional Convention in 1784 was not going anywhere, he decided to forego his retirement to attend the convention. Because of his presence in the convention, he was elected as president through electoral votes—the only one to get 100 percent unanimous electoral votes. He was named president twice—in 1789 and 1792.

Needless to say, Washington’s major accomplishment is the unification of the country. Thanks to his skills as an administrator, he was able to convince the Virginia legislature, among others, to allow the ratification of the new constitution. This became the foundation of the America that exists today.

He also concentrated on foreign policy rather than national policy-making, something he thought was the job of the Congress. A testament to his stance was his decision to be neutral during the French Revolution instead of siding with either the English or the French, despite the fact that many of his state secretaries were either pro-British or pro-French. This was a good decision; a war could have damaged a young country such as America.

Indeed, the greatest accomplish of the country’s first president was his focus on building the foundations of the country and its democratic roots. America would be a very different country if not for the leadership of George Washington.

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